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Optical Scattering

Optical Scattering

Optical Waveguide Design

Optical Waveguide Modes

Optical Resonances

Linear Elasticity

A view from the application side.

The finite element package JCMsuite allows the user directly to tackle the physical problem or design task. Its mechanisms prevent the user from time-consuming adjusting of numerical properties and geometrical modeling questions ("Is the mesh fine enough to catch the desired effect?").

Easy and accurate problem modelling.

The geometries are modeled as exact geometries inclusive of all tiny features, curvatures etc. The finite element triangulation takes care of the exact geometry.

Error controlling yields reliable solutions.

Monitoring the numerical discretization error yields measures to qualify the accuracy of the solutions. This prevents the use of numerical artifacts instead of true solutions.

Adaptive meshes and automatic mesh refinement yield fast solutions.

Local error estimation and local mesh refinement yield adaptively refined meshes. Meshes are automatically refined only where it is physically necessary.

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