Analysis of quasicrystals through simulation of resonances and of light transmission

Photonic quasicrystals are quasi-periodic arrangements with similar properties to photonic crystals. They posess, e.g., isotropic bandgaps and can be used to construct miniaturized optical components.

Fig. 1: Geometry of a 2D photonic quasicrystal.

Figure 1 shows the geometry of a photonic quasi-crystal. Dielectric rods of subwavelength diameter are arranged in a Penrose tiling. The background is filled with air.

Fig. 2: Intensity distribution of a resonant state in a photonic quasi-crystal (visualization: JCMview).

Figure 2 shows the intensity distribution of a resonant state in a finite photonic quasi-crystal. Red corresponds to high intensity, blue to low intensity.

Fig. 3: Phase distribution of a resonant state in a photonic quasi-crystal.


Figure 3 shows the phase distribution of the same resonant state. Please note that the phase distribution is quasi flat over the entire geometry. However, rods and background oscillate out of phase.

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